Fly Shuttle Tours’ COVID-19 Policies

Pre-Travel COVID-19 Negative Test Result Must Be in Hand Prior to Departure for Hawaii.

The State of Hawaii’s Pre-Travel Testing Program allows individuals to proceed without having to apply the mandated self-quarantine for ten (10) days. This does not include out-of-state travel to Kauai at this time. The program requires passengers age five and older to take a Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (“NAAT”) from a Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (“CLIA”) certified laboratory within 72 hours from the final leg of departure and produce a negative result. Only test results from trusted testing partners approved by the Hawaii Department of Health are being accepted. A trained professional must observe all tests. For more information, visit the Hawaii Tourism Authority’s updates related to COVID-19 and traveling to Hawaii here:

Enhanced Services to Prevent COVID-19.

s a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Fly Shuttle Tours has enhanced its services by incorporating the recommendations made by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”). For more information on the CDC guidelines, visit: Your health and safety are very important to us. Therefore, we have applied the following safety measures:

  1. Reducing Seat Capacity. We have reduced the number of seats being used on board our vehicles in order to maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet. Having passengers sitting spread apart will help to prevent any COVID-19 from spreading that was not detected by a Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (“NAAT”) from a Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (“CLIA”) certified laboratory pursuant to the State of Hawaii’s Pre-Travel Testing Program for travelers age five and older entering Hawaii. With this safety policy, moving to seats blocked off from being used will be prohibited.
  2. Private Transportation Services. We also offer private transportation services to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Please contact us for prices.
  3. Arrival Transportation Services – Starting at $13.00 per person. Upon arrival in Hawaii, we wish you a big aloha! After you have collected your luggage, please wait curbside outside of the baggage claim for your vehicle. We will provide a relaxing ride to your destination.
  4. Departure Transfer Services – Starting at $13.00 per person. We will have a comfortable vehicle take you from your lodging to the Airport. We’ll make the first leg of your journey home safe and comfortable. Mahalo, A Hui Hou!
  5. Sanitation of Vehicles. We will clean our vehicles thoroughly using EPA approved disinfectants.
  6. Safety Guidelines. We are doing everything possible during the COVID-19 pandemic to protect our guests, and employees. Please follow the following COVID-19 guidelines:
  • Facemasks. Please wear facemasks that cover your mouth and nose. Exempted from this policy will be young children who are unable to keep their face masks on or guests who have a medical condition that prohibits the use of a face mask.
  • Hand Sanitizers. We have hand sanitizers on each of our vehicles for your use. 
  • Temperature Checks. Before boarding our vehicles, we will conduct mandatory temperature checks on each guest. For departures only, if a guest has a fever of 100.4 degrees, he or she will not be allowed to board the vehicle and will be asked to return to their lodging and self-quarantine.
  • Boarding from the Rear. We will be boarding from the rear of the vehicle and moving to the front to reduce the risk of any COVID-19 spread.
  • Contact Tracing. We will require each guest to provide his or her first and last name, email, and mobile phone number for contact tracing purposes. Minors can be included with their guardian’s information.
  • Hawaii COVID-19 Laws. Please educate yourself on Hawaii’s local laws and travel requirements pertaining to COVID-19 before visiting. For more information on Hawaii’s local COVID-19 laws, visit: